Ingrid Schlingmann is a hair and make up artist. Based in the Netherlands, but working all over the globe to bring inner beauty out.


For over a decade she owned a successful hair salon in the Spanish city of Malaga. In which she continues to work as a freelance hair stylist once every month.

But that’s not all. In addition she likes to do hair and make up for brides. Making sure their hair and make up have the finest day of their lives. She prepped brides in Rome, in Amsterdam and Portugal, wherever her help is needed.


Further she teaches passionate youngsters the secrets of hair design. In Rotterdam or Vietnam alike, it’s always a big adventure.
And she paints the belly’s of soon-to-be-mothers.

Did you know Ingrid’s make up workshops are a hit at party’s for teenagers?

By the way, in her spare time she likes to do aerial hoop tricks. You should ask her to show you sometime.